Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Christmas Gift

Common Ground by Justin Trudeau

Nobody buys me books. Why would they? If there is something I feel like reading I probably have it already. It is the one area of my life where money is no object. If I want it, I buy it - it's as simple as that. I must admit I indulge myself rather frequently.

Everyone that is except my dad who bought me Common Ground this past Christmas. Dad was doing what dads do best - giving me something that would be good for me. One should learn about their Prime Minister whether one agrees with his/her policies or not. Okay, so I gave it a go and I'm not sorry I did. I took a stroll down memory lane when Trudeau recounted incidents in his childhood years, spoke of his mother, or talked about his father's politics. It's a quick read, in clear prose and written in a style that would appeal to most readers. I feel like I know him and his ideas a little bit better now.

A few years ago dad gave me Living History by Hillary Clinton claiming it should be required reading by me as she was destined to be the first female American president. That is still to be determined, but again I read something that may never have been on my reading wishlist.

Yes, I liked both of these books but truth be told I read them only because they were gifts and particularly because they were from my dad. It makes me wonder, however, if there isn't some undue pressure placed on the recipient when they are gifted a book? I enjoy giving books as presents but perhaps I need to rethink this practice?


I'm guessing that Hillary Clinton's book follows Bill's on my shelf - 2 shelves below Furby

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  1. This has me thinking about book giving, there is usually a book or two under the Christmas tree from me. It maybe one some one mentioned they wanted or a favourite person's cook book or one I thought they should read! It's almost like recommending a book, can be a tricky situation, if they do not enjoy it as much as you did or the other way around. I believe that books can mean different things to each of us and at different times in life...enough thoughts from me