Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Beach books

Sometimes I have a need to read something that won't tax this old brain of mine too much. The type of book that most people appear to be reading as I look around and spy on them at beaches. I have yet to see someone reading Shakespeare. I see lots of mysteries or legal thrillers or romances.

Full disclosure here. I read more than one book at a time. I know - my bad. Anyway a beach book fits in nicely with whatever I'm reading even if I'm not at the beach. I seldom pull quotes from these types of books or have to consult a dictionary. This is not to insult them. It's just that they are mostly composed with simple, concise language and a story that moves along nicely.

Some of my favourites have been works by Maeve Binchey and Elizabeth Berg. I tend to like British authors, mostly female and I like thrillers too and authors like Dean Koontz.

I just finished This is Your Life, Harriet Chance! written by Jonathan Eviston. The narration is like that of the old TV show when the host recalls moments and people from the guests' pasts. It mostly works though I think it could get on your nerves were the book any longer. We learn some shocking things about Harriet's past. She is also visited by a ghost like figure that is her deceased husband. (Surprisingly I didn't mind the author including that character in that manner.) She is carrying his remains in a yogurt container to disperse while on an Alaskan cruise. Overall I liked it but like I said I'm glad it was short!

By the way - I did not read it at the beach.
This sunbather appears to have put down his book for a little afternoon siesta!

Sanibel Island, 2014

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