Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Two Star Read

Hello readers,whoever you are,

Here I am back after a month long holiday hiatus! And grumbling again to boot!

I wrote previously about my stingy star ratings when it comes to appraising books. I feel somewhat guilty about giving a book only two stars. Perhaps I'm afraid the author may get wind of it and wonder what they did to displease me. Dream on Penny! I think not!

I recently read an e-book that doesn't appear to be available in print. That possibly accounts for the fact that though it was spell-checked, it was never properly edited. The title is Domestic Departures - A Mid-Life Crisis Safari, written by Dana Atkinson.

I do wish I hadn't read about the lack of editing before I tackled the book. I think I noticed each and every grammatical error and I am hardly an expert in that field! Sorry to say but this accounts for my low rating.

I suppose this makes you want to run to your device of choice and download this book without further ado? I thought not! But if you can get over the grammatical shortcomings it is actually a pretty interesting read on a subject near and dear to me - African safari. It is also a personal journey for the author seeking some clarity in her life and I do think she ultimately finds that.

I believe that it is not possible to visit Africa and not have your life changed in some meaningful way. Sure the wildlife viewing and natural beauty are unforgettable but interacting with the African people is also inspiring. I have travelled a little in my life and no location has ever touched my heart and soul as much as the African continent. I suspect there may be more blogs in the future that touch on my love of all things Africa!


Bogani Camp, Kenya, October 2014

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